Well, its been a full 18 months since the first lockdown landed and a new chaos was unleashed across the globe.

The resilience of the human race to survive and grow is unquestionable in history and so proved now.

Society is in the significant aftershocks of this life changing event and is now adjusting to another dawn.

How the economy will grow is open to question, that it will grow isn’t.

The war on talent has hit new levels in the last three months, with businesses having to not only factor in a new pervading attitude amongst many, that firmly puts the life into the life / work balance equation, but also having to react to the seeming dearth of talent that will support the inevitable drive to digitalisation.

That IT roles are at a significant premium around the world is not surprising and finding that full stack IT individual that gets both back and front end requirements is even more crucial.

Drivers, plasterers, electricians, gas engineers need to have a greater recognition for their contributions and a new approach to their reward.

Hospitality and care need to balance sustainability with the living wage realities being offered by retail.

All of this has led to our company being busier than ever in our 16 year history and the need for us to on board new talent.

All our recent hires have been chosen for their commercial acumen and most critically for their ability to fit into our culture of accountable delivery.

As always, we are here for the long term with our clients and finding the current evolution of reward requirements as engaging as it always has and will be.

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