Job Evaluation

To ensure that your job evaluation scheme works in practice as well as theory, it needs to be robust, transparent and consistently applied. Applied correctly it will ensure you comply with the Equality Act 2010 and enable you to measure the internal relativities of your roles.

Turning Point HR Solutions offer expertise in a variety of analytical job evaluation schemes.
We also offer our proprietary analytical system Job and Organisation Evaluation System (Orbit Eval©).
Orbit Eval© is an analytical, web-based framework that can be tailored to match the exact culture of your organisation. Orbit Eval© can be linked into your existing competency framework or can be used to underpin a new competency framework. It includes pay and grading modelling capabilities, appeals process and a variety of exportable reports. It can link into our ORBIT on line benchmarking software.

You can also input your current paper based scheme into the web-based data storage facility in Orbit Eval© to accommodate various systems including: NJC, GLPC & others.

Our thorough project management / planning service ensures an effective partnership with you and also covers the full consultation process, which includes:

  • Union Consultations
  • Communication Strategy
  • Job Family Identification
  • The Evaluation Process
  • The Appeals Process
  • The Rank Order of Roles within your Organisation.


Once this rank order of roles has been agreed, we can work with you to design your:

  • Grading Structures
  • External Benchmarking
  • Pay Progression
  • Organisational Progression
  • Performance Management
  • Internal Training
We can then link the outcomes into training and development and competency frameworks.
Please contact us via our contact page to arrange a free web-based demonstration