At the fraction of the cost of recruiting your own reward specialist, annual reward contracts can include strategic advice, design, and provision of options for you to consider, along with implementation support for reward-based projects.

Annual Reward Contracts enable your Organisation to access:

*Specialist Reward advice on a banked hours basis

*External salary and benefits benchmarking

*Reward projects and strategic advice

*Software services 

Our contracts are tailored to your exact requirements as well as having 4 ‘off the shelf’ options available that combine a variety of the services that we supply.

How Would It Work?

Turning Point HR are very keen to keep all relationships straight forward and long term. Consequently, our Annual Reward Contracts support programmes work like this; you decide which areas of the project you want support with and your desired outcomes, we will agree a time frame and associated success factors and then work with you to deliver them. The time spent on any particular element of the project scope will be ‘called off’ against your agreed annual hours. The contract is an annual agreement, and you can ‘top up’ your hours should the need arise.

Annual Reward Contracts Options

Turning Point have 4 levels of annual reward contracts off the shelf, to fit with your budgets, alternatively we can tailor the offering to your needs.

Complete the form below to find out more about our annual reward contracts. These can be tailored to your needs regarding benchmarking, evaluation, pay frameworks, gender reporting etc.