Over the years Turning Point has created a sure method for standardising and writing clear job descriptions. It seems to be a growing demand as it can be a long and time consuming process to do internally.

Using an external expert who demonstrates an unbiased attitude also assists the project.

We offer both Support & JD training or an in house service to create or standardise your Job Descriptions.

Here are some tips on how to write job descriptions effectively:

A job description should be an accurate overview of a role, listing

  • Responsibilities to ensure the post holders know what they need to do to fulfil the role,
  • Details of the qualifications,  experience,  knowledge and skills that the post holder should have or would be good to have.

Job descriptions are the foundation for many reward and recruitment processes and need to be kept current.

It aids advertising a role to demonstrate the requirements to fulfil it. Guides the post holder as to what they should be doing to fulfil the role, useful if you have performance management systems in place and appraisals.

A job description should begin with reporting lines and an overview of the role. This would be part of a job advert.

Then you need to review what the role does on a regular basis and the level of that responsibility:

If someone manages a process, think do they? What happens if it breaks, will it be their responsibility or do they pass it up the line? Perhaps they maintain or monitor it if not?

The job description should not be a job manual with details of every step involved on the process. Use outcomes so the steps to reach them can be assumed.

Outcomes assist the appraisal process and give clear guidelines to the individuals.

Look at using standardisation of certain tasks such as health and safety,  company values etc. Add to all job descriptions to save time as well as informing each post holder.

Person specs are a great tool, showing details of essential or desirable requirements for the role.

Make sure you do not dissuade applications for the role by insisting on a qualification or experience if you could train up in house.

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