Total Rewards Statements

Introduce Total Reward Statements and complete the picture for your employees.

Your Flexible Benefits Package represents just one part of the overall value of your investment in each individual employee. Complimenting this with total reward statements will serve to complete the picture, giving them each a bespoke, well-defined report. Showing exactly what they mean to your organisation and all of the great ways in which you have rewarded them.

What are Total Reward Statements?

  • Total reward statements are personalised to each employee and demonstrate in a clear and concise fashion the overall monetary value of the benefits an individual receives in addition to their salary.
  • The statements can be customised to exactly fit your organisation’s corporate ethos and can be used to deliver key messages from global heads of the company to all staff.
  • Proven worldwide as delivering excellent return on investment for companies by driving high staff morale and loyalty, total reward statements quickly deliver results, with the minimal impact on your human resources department.
  • The system enables an organisation to produce bespoke statements for its staff just by creating a template and uploading a CSV file containing the data to be included in each report
  • All reports are produced as high quality pdfs. These are downloaded directly from the system, and are ready to be passed straight to the printers of your choice, if hard copies are required.

To view an example of our Statements or to talk to one of our experts about what Total Reward Statements could mean for you and your employees  contact us now