Introducing our

Online Organisational Charting Software: Orbit Org

Orbit Org enables you to visualise the hierarchical reporting lines of your organisation from Global views through to individual departments and roles. This can be helpful in live real time company remodelling, visualising reporting lines & help with company restructure plans.

Our new addition to the Orbit software suite is an organisational charting software with an edge. It’s live and links to our other Orbit platforms. You can set different levels of permissions and access to Orbit Org , safeguarding sensitive information like protected characteristics and salary data.

The software also enables you to consider the impact of changes of structure or team reporting lines and gives you real time management information at your fingertips, including gender pay gap reporting functionality. Orbit Org is available as a cost effective standalone product or as part of the Orbit suite.

How does it work?

  • We send you a proforma to populate with your data.
  • We take that data and upload it onto our Orbit Org platform.
  • We then provide you with access to our real time software that enables you to view and manipulate your employee information and generate colour coded PDF charts with data on each of your team members and their specific reporting lines.
  • Information includes name, line manager, salary, location, department and if required, protected characteristics.

The benefits to you are:

  • Real Time Management Information at the click of a mouse.
  • Access to strong visual charting functionality which is easily exportable.
  • Individual employee information cards with configurable information, including protected characteristics including gender reporting.

The software is available as a stand alone product our part of our Orbit Eval and Orbit Pro Benchmarking suites.

We will be happy to discuss options with you. Click here for more information.