Orbit Pro International

Introducing our international salary benchmarking software Orbit Pro International©

Orbit Pro International is one of the world’s largest and most extensive pay databases, derived from over 16 Million data points. It includes data on an extensive range of jobs that are levelled using Turning Point’s Orbit Eval job evaluation software. This means we only compare like for like, using job content, not simply job titles.

Orbit Pro is uniquely positioned to provide organisations from just a few employees to large multinational enterprises, on demand access to the most comprehensively validated salary database in the world. Enabling you to search by country, region, sector, seniority, company turnover, qualification and specialisation. 

You can quickly and accurately benchmark one, some or all of the roles across the organisation without being restricted to a Pay Review Cycle or a ‘cost per role’ model. Orbit Pro provides real time and actionable insight into your reward framework. 

Orbit Pro benchmarks roles based on job content, not simply job titles. 

The benchmarking data and search options in Orbit Pro allow you to review different sector pay options as well as different company size to ensure the comparator information used accurately reflects your organisation

Our Software provides employment norms and standard benefits to enable you to accurately predict labour costs, not just salaries, globally

Orbit Pro International provides easy reporting and can be in both local currency or convert to one using accurate current exchange rates.

So, our pay benchmarking methodology is more focussed, accurate and detailed than traditional salary benchmarking methods. Over the years we have developed extensive networks and our methodology ensures that our data is accurate. The data we produce is informative and presented clearly. The data is ready to be presented at Board level and can be adapted to suit your organisations requirements. Our software is also GDPR compliant and is updated in line with ONS data.  

The optional Orbit Org charting software enables you to quickly assess the impact of changes of structure or reporting lines – useful in these challenging times when rapid decisions need to be made.

The Orbit Eval software, included in Orbit Pro, provides job evaluation that allows you to ensure that the salaries you pay are not tainted by discrimination but instead are based on the size, or worth of the job to the organisation.

Orbit Eval enables you to ensure that salaries are fair and can also ensure that the contribution of each job to the performance of the organisation can be measured and rewarded appropriately and in harmonisation with the company’s values, competences, goals and terms and conditions

The Orbit Pro benefits include:

  • Individual Company iterations, hosted in the cloud, so that no other organisation can access your data.
  • Allows you to set different levels of permissions and access to the system, safeguarding particularly sensitive information like protected characteristics and salary information.
  • Validated data that is kept current using both live benchmarking as well as monthly feeds to keep ahead of the fluctuating marketplace. 
  • All reports are easily downloadable into excel to allow you to manipulate the data tailored to your own organisational requirements

 Can’t we just do conduct pay benchmarking ourselves?

Some organisations have remuneration committees in place to make decisions around pay and reward packages, smaller organisations may approach the issue on an ad-hoc basis. However, without a clear and accurate picture of the compensation packages offered by other organisations, it can be difficult to know where to start. Orbit Pro (and our bespoke benchmarking services) offer market leading data, much more than just a survey of the hiring market or limited information that can be gleaned from competitors.  


Orbit Pro is a genuine market leader, ensuring you retain the market edge when attracting and retaining your talent allowing you direct access to live market data.
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